GreenTech Group continues growth

As part of its ongoing efforts towards sustainable building practices in the Cayman Islands, the GreenTech Group recently added two local companies to its growing portfolio of environmentally-conscious businesses; Arch Solar and SMART Energy, now paired with its current group companies NEXT Design & Development and GreenTech Limited.


“We are excited to add these two quality local firms to our group of companies,” says GreenTech Founder and CEO, James Whittaker. “We feel that their staff, expertise, history, products and services complement our Group’s overall vision.”

The GreenTech Group is Grand Cayman’s leading green building solutions firm. Founded nearly a half decade ago by Whittaker, a Caymanian and life-time resident, the GreenTech Group is a conglomerate that specializes in LEED certification, green building products, sustainable design, project management, sustainable building, sustainable development, sustainability consulting and education. All while continuing to push the boundaries of “green” building and what can be achieved here in the Cayman Islands and broader Caribbean. As a result, the GreenTech Group now boasts the highest level of sustainable, energy efficient building products and services in the region.

Today, the GreenTech Group is the only firm in the region to provide LEED for Homes ® certification to residential homes – and one of only four companies in the world with projects accepted into the LEED International Residential Pilot Programme. In a few short years, they have more registered international LEED projects than any company in the world. Their experienced team has designed and certified more than 200 LEED projects worldwide.

Whittaker believes that the acquisitions will allow the GreenTech Group to maintain its high quality of sustainable building solutions while controlling costs for its clients by allowing key products and services to be kept in-house.

“Whether renovating an existing structure or building a new one, today’s home and business owners value a company that can provide a high quality, cost effective solution for their sustainable and energy efficient project from start to finish,” explains Whittaker.  “No other company in Cayman or the Caribbean can offer its clients the full range of solutions in providing the most environmentally friendly, energy efficient and cost effective homes or offices.”

Arch Solar is a regional solar industry pioneer, the premier solar energy provider in Cayman – and the Authorized SUNPOWER dealer in the Islands. Renewable energies, like solar, provides a practical solution to helping to meet the Islands’ growing demand for energy, while also contributing to a sustainable environment. The company offers property owners a choice of innovative, proven solar solutions that includes SUNPOWER, the world’s highest quality, most efficient and most powerful solar panels– that can lower and even eliminate – energy costs by generating their own clean, “green” energy.

SMART Energy specializes in home and commercial energy assessments, automation and management services, as well as renewable energy designs and engineering. The pioneering local company provides energy and environmentally conscious home and business owners with cost effective solutions to their rising energy costs, while reducing their negative impact on the environment through better and more sustainable building practices.

“With the addition of Arch Solar and SMART Energy, the GreenTech Group is now able to offer a range of green building solutions to residential and commercial customers that no other firm on island can,” explains Garth Arch, Co-Founder of Arch Solar and Managing Director of Arch and Godfrey.

“We felt the additional resources and businesses synergies with GreenTech and our similar shared vision for sustainability and energy efficiency here in Cayman made this a logical move that will benefit not only the companies involved but Cayman’s consumers as well,” says Whittaker.

As a result of the acquisition, Arch Solar will be re-branded to GreenTech Solar. SMART Energy will retain its name.

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