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GreenTech is part of the GreenTech Group of Companies, headquartered in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands.

GreenTech is the #1 firm in the Caribbean for providing expertise, education and building solutions focused on  sustainability. We are also the only LEED providers in the Caribbean with a dedicated staff of the most qualified experts in the region; including LEED Fellows, LEED QAD’s, Green and HERs Raters.

Our team has more than 40 years combined experience in the green building industry and have completed more than 200 LEED projects to date. Quite simply when it comes to “Going Green”, be it a commercial or residential projects, no other company in the Cayman Islands or the Caribbean region has the level of experience or depth knowledge that we do.

Are you looking to build a new energy efficient, healthy and environmentally friendly home?

GreenTech works closely with our sister company NEXT Design & Development; who Designs, Manages and Builds our LEED Certified homes. Additionally, GreenTech Solar provides our LEED homes with the most powerful, most efficient and best warrantied solar panels in the world made by SunPower. Smart Energy provide advanced energy modelling to our projects which provide customers with the information to make informed decisions on making their home as efficient as possible as well as to know ahead of time what the expected energy cost of the home will be, before it is built!

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"We moved into our LEED Gold certified home 5 months ago and we haven't paid a CUC bill yet. Thanks GreenTech!"

Philip Nadeau

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