"We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children."

Native American Proverb

GreenTech Limited is positively impacting lives by providing world-class sustainability solutions to the Caribbean market; including LEED Certification. We are dedicated to transforming the way people in the region think about living, working, playing and learning. We offer a host of unique services; from LEED Certification, Green Building Products, Sustainability Consulting and Education to Carbon and Environmental Assessments.

In 2010 GreenTech Limited was honored to be selected by the USGBC as one of only four companies in the world to participate in the LEED International Pilot Program and as a result we are the only LEED providers in the Caribbean. We were also honored as the first company in the world to have developed a LEED certified home outside North America.


"We moved into our LEED Gold certified home 5 months ago; my energy credit is about the same as my current consumption, so we haven't paid an electrical bill yet! Meanwhile other similar homes in my community pay around $800 a month or more. "

Philip Nadeau - GreenTech Client

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